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Character Analysis for Othello Othello is the main character throughout the paly. He is different from all the other peoples in the play, he comes from Mauritania. They call him the moor, which is black people. In the paly, he is a leader with great reputation, people also respect him. The duke and the senate thinks he is a great leader, don’t mind his skin color. His love to Desdemona is very deep, he listens to her advice even at that time people thinks woman’s voice is not important. But he is a fool to trust all the affair stuffs that Iago put in his head. Eventually he ends up as a tragic person. In my scene, Othello is questioning Emilia about Desdemona, and later claims that Desdemona is a whore. In this scene, Othello has completely lost his mind, his anger drives him to believe what Iago has told him. He used to be a noble and gentle husband, he loves Desdemona so much, and was willing to listen to her opinions. Now, he is shouting at her, and saying a bunch of rude words to her, even accuses her as a whore. All of the madness he’s showing is because a couple words that Iago has told him. From this scene people might say that Othello doesn’t love Desdemona, but in fact all of the craziness he’s acting is because he loves her so much. Othello actually wants a good explanation from Desdemona, deep in his heart he believes that Desdemona is innocent, so that’s why he’s keep asking her “Is it true that you are faithful to me?” “Is it possible that you are not a