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“A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” by Ernest Hemingway contains three main characters, an old man, an old waiter and a young waiter. With this essay I will attempt to analyze the personality of the young waiter, showing you how he is self centered and unable to sympathize with others. In the mind of the young waiter money solves all problems. The short story begins with conversation between the young waiter and the older waiter. The young waiter mentions that the old man who frequents their café tried to commit suicide last week. When the old waiter asks why the old man tried to commit suicide, the young waiter tells him, “He was in despair.” “Why?” asked the old waiter. “Nothing,” answered the young waiter. “He has plenty of money.” (Hemingway, 1) For the life of him he can’t understand why a rich old guy would want to kill himself. He’s too self centered, and he can’t put himself in the shoes of another person and try to understand where they are coming from. He can’t understand the loneliness of the old man. In addition he has no regard for the value of a human life. He tells the old man, “You should have killed yourself last week.” (Hemingway, 1) He is rude, insensitive, with no respect for the elderly. He insults the old man by saying, “An old man is a nasty thing.” (Hemingway, 2) He is saying this to an old waiter who is grappling with his own battle of old age, showing just how indifferent he is to the feelings of the people surrounding him. The young waiter then refuses to serve the old man another drink because he is eager to get home to his wife who is waiting for him. He does not seem to care that not all people are as fortunate as he is