Character Analysis: A Wrinkle In Time

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A wrinkle in time, by Madeleine L’engle is an enchanting but surprising novel. This book is a mixture of Science fiction with Fantasy. The movie took too many liberties. Instead of the thoughts of the characters mind. I didn't like the Man with the Eyes, the happy medium and the blossoming romance between Calvin and Meg. The book isn't a romantic book when Calvin O’keefe and Meg get together or they flirted with each other towards the end of the book. The whole movie is about friendship, love and believing in yourself. When I pictured the character’s in a wrinkle in time I saw Calvin as a freckled red haired tall boy that plays basketball, In the movie he was a brunette with blue eyes, and was somewhat an attractive boy. Meg however was different, I pictured her as …show more content…
I think the movie focused too much of anger towards her father, than the book, and how his absence affected the family. The children work to eliminate evil from the planet, when the book they leave the planet and their father, and forget about the planet. In my opinion I think that is a big deal from the whole movie and book. The three witches fight in the movie, when in the book they do not fight in the book, Not to mention they add weird scenes. For instance they travel in a boat through a cavern of “Happy Worms” when meg touches one it dies. When the children uses to fight the IT monster, It's more mind oriented in the movie, however in the book when the children fight the monster they use faith and emotion. They had way more references about God in the movie, than the book, Which are clearly evident in the book. Towards the end of the book Meg kisses Calvin on the cheek. They don't kiss in the book. I think the book is a winner. I thought the acting was bad, the settings are done poorly, and the movie budget was really low, and you can tell the movie was made for TV, not for the