Character Analysis: All Quiet On The Western Front

Words: 332
Pages: 2

Scene one:
The stage is a large cross section of a trench and above on the projector is an airplane raid. In the trench is one man, alone, (he his writing for about 5 minutes and then as another plain goes over, he starts reading): “Hundreds of rows, so many people’s bros, blown away like crows in the wind. Gone. So many lives lost, defending their country at any cost, and when they fail, there just tossed away, like you toss away an old bale of hay.” (Then the stage fades out as the soldier slowly crouches over and dies.)
Scene two:
The stage is the same as the previous but now are Vietnamese soldiers walking through from down stage right through to down stage left, inspecting there deceased enemy and (One leans over and reads the poem that