Character Analysis: Behind The Beautiful Forever

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The women soul in Katherine Boo novel Behind the Beautiful Forever seem to hold more freedom than those women in the village. Women in American hold more freedom in terms of choosing their husband and choosing their career path than the women not just in Annawadi, but the rest of the world. Even though women have more freedom there is still a long hurled to overcome and to fight of injustice in the workplace and in societies as well. In general women in America must feel lucky to be born in America because of the opportunities that are offered to them.
Women in the village have far less freedom than women in the urban because in the village women have harsh labor and on top of all that they have to cook and take care of any younger children.According
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Women have more freedom in America than in Annawadi, but this right had to be fought for and still to this day there are still some inequalities in the workplace and those with the fix mindset that women job is to stay at home and do all the cleaning. From those type of mindset women have rise up to speak out against any injustice for which has resulted in women in the military, in government position to even being chief executive officers of a company. The right women were not handed to them they had to fight for it, but both women do share similarity that there are still those who believe that women who are second class citizen instead of being equal. The women in America do not need to fight for scraps of food or work in harsh labor just to survive they just have to worry about studying to have a better life.
Overall, both women share a similarity that there are still some people who considered women to be second class citizen. In the workplace just like in the slum is hard for women to rise in term of class and the corporate ladder even though women do more work or even a better job than the men. The differences outweigh the similarities because women in America and in other parts of the world have access to better education and the government have more capital in term of providing programs for women to plan for the