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Character Analysis of Montresor Montresor, from A Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allen Poe, is a man who lives a strange yet horrific life. Montresor was hurt by his friend Fortunato, so he got him drunk and chained and bricked him into the catacombs under the city. Montresor lived the rest of his life with the burden of Fortunato's death on his hands. Montresor is a vengeful man who lost his head. Montresor is a very well kept man. Montresor kept the secret of the murder of Fortunato a secret until his death. In order to keep a secret to that degree, it couldn't have been his first big secret. Any man in his right mind could not keep secrets like that to himself. Montresor had to have been somewhat mad. Any normal person would be torn apart emotionally. Montresor had a very big burden cast upon him and he was somehow able to keep his secret to himself his entire life. This ability to keep secrets could have caused Montresor to live a very grief filled life. The ability to keep secrets as well as he could might have brought a dark side to Montresor's life. Montresor could have simply been a coward who was to afraid of being caught and punished for his crimes. This proves that Montresor is a very well kept man. Because Montresor can keep a secret I believe it caused him to go mad. Montresor let himself become blinded by his anger. Although, the story never truly says what Fortunato did to set off Montresor, he upset Montresor enough for him to want to kill him. Montresor could not let go of his anger for years; he simply let his anger build up over the years. Montresor is the kind of man who never let anything go they let their anger boil like a cauldron over an open flame. Montresor let his anger get the best of him. Montresor’s hatred for Fortunato made him very unforgiving. Montresor sat and listened to Fortunato’s screams of horror (Poe 5). This shows that Montresor has no remorse. Montresor is a man who could also be considered very emotionally weak. Montresor's anger came out to be his biggest flaw. His anger guided him into doing something irrational. Although he did something irrational he was changed throughout the course of his life, he became someone who felt sorry for what he did. Montresor knew he had forsaken his friend and was forced to live with himself for the rest of his life. Montresor has a guilty conscious. Although Montresor had the ability to kill someone, he could not avoid the major power of guilt. Guilt began eating Montresor apart as a vulture would pick apart a dead body. Thus Montresor changed. Montresor was after all human. All humans have the ability to feel guilty or regretful. Montresor's conscience caused him to change who he was. The guilt ate him