Character Analysis Essay

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A view into the world of Susan Fletcher and her dramatic reflection and inspiration

In the book, “Digital Fortress” by Dan Brown, many characters are significantly important in the digital world and have a vast impact on “The Rise of the Internet” as seen today. The character Susan Fletcher is dedicated, determined, and independent this character is and is very influential to all goal-driven women who are to take on the challenges of the virtual world. One of the first things to consider about a character in a novel or story is the consistency of the character throughout the entire novel. Many characters may be dynamic throughout a few chapters or near the end of the story, but in order to choose a character that is extraordinary
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It may be easy to see Susan Fletcher’s motivates, to account for her believability, and to see her independence as well as intelligence, but the reader may of course question her courses of action to see if there is a change from the beginning of the story until the very end. As with many significant characters in a story, Susan does change drastically and from the beginning of the story until the very end, yet her true intelligence, reliability, and independence never fluctuates. “Susan stared. She’d always known she’d meet the director someday, but this was not the introduction she’d envisioned…There was only one NSA chamber more sacred than Crypto, and Susan Fletcher sensed she was about to enter it”. Firstly, to be given access to such a classified area in the NSA proves the significance of Susan and proves her true importance. This change only proves how dynamic she really is and how she adapted quickly to her rapidly changing environment. The only change that Susan Fletcher makes within this entire story is she gets stronger, more powerful, and even more respected. She became more goal-driven, and chooses to do, anything, and everything in her power to fix the problems at hand. In addition, with her ever-changing environment, she became more hard-pressed for answers, and it was not likely that she would ever take “I don’t know” or “no” for an answer. Lastly, she gains knowledge and respect from all the people that she meets, even if that respect may