Character Analysis Essay On The Catcher In The Rye

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The Catcher in The Rye is about a guy, named Holden, that is hard to relatable to. Some of his actions are relatable, to a few people, but he is a liar. It is so easy for him to lie, that makes him untrustworthy. He is also a bad influence for the readers. Some people might think that Holden is relatable because of honest he is to himself, and because he has a good purpose. Even though he has a good motive , he is reckless, a troublemaker, and a rebel. The whole book has a bad effect on the reader.
Holden’s thoughts and actions might be relatable to those of young teenage boys. He had to deal with problems at home, just like most teenagers do. He knew that his parents were going to get furious for being kicked out of school ( 21.165 ), that’s why he didn’t want his parents to see him. He also struggled with school, everyone has struggled with school at one point in their lives. In the book Holden mentions that he has been to about four schools ( 2.19 ). He also had to deal with emotional issues. In the book Holden says that he wants to die.
Holden is also a very good liar. It’s so easy for him to lie. There is a part in the
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In the book he mentions that he is depressed and that you can’t make the right decisions when you are depressed “ I wasn’t sleepy or anything, but I was feeling sort of lousy. Depressed and all.” depression brings out the worst in people ( 13.90 ). He also admitted that he wanted to die. In chapter twenty he says “ I thought probably I’d get pneumonia and die.” the only reason why he didn’t want to die is because his parents haven’t even gotten over Allie's death ( 20.154 ). Allie is the only person that Holden likes, but he won't change his ways not even for his sister Phoebe. Phoebe really loves and cares about Holden. In chapter 22 Phoebe kept telling him that their dad was going to kill him. That shows that she cares about him, and she doesn’t want him to get in