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Janet A. Sauni
Professor Wells
ENG 255
24 February 2015 The character analysis of the old man in “The Tell Tale Heart”, by Edgar Allan Poe One of the main character in the short story “The Tell Tale Heart”, by Edgar Allan Poe, is an old man who had an eye like a vulture that made the unnamed narrator fear these eye. The old man lived with the unnamed narrator with no idea of what the unnamed narrator feels about him. The old man’s eye became the reason for the old man’s dead. The dead of the old man took place in his bedroom where he never thought it would be the place where he dies. The old man perspective of his bedroom was comfort and security, because of the lamp which lit at night to keep him safe before he goes to sleep. The old man never imagined that he would be buried in his own living room under his floor. The tragedy and crime that was committed to the old man by the unnamed narrator was revealed in the end. The old man’s eye which is making the unnamed narrator feel fear and mentally ill caused the old man to die. The old man never knew that the unnamed narrator had problems with the old man’s eyes. They both lived in the same house, but never communicated of what there problem was between each other. The old man never knew that his eye would cause harm to himself. He never thought that his blurry eyes, which he tries so hard to depend on in order to see would cause him his last breath. The old man’s had an eye of a vulture which made the unnamed narrator uncomfortable and fearful. The old man had a blurred vision which made him not see very well. He goes to bed every night without knowing that the unnamed narrator was watching over him behind the bedroom door. As the old man gets ready for bed, his lantern is lit to keep him safe and comfortable in his bedroom. The old man would turn the lantern off when he falls asleep. One night the old man felt something strange when he turned his lantern off. He felt fear and discomfort, but he never knew that