Character Analysis: Mrs. Gottlieb in Dead Man's Cell Phone Essay

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Character Analysis Daniela Obregon
Dead Mans Cell phone Period# 4
Mrs Gottlieb:
* My character is a very sophisticated lady with a very special attitude , she is a little rude but elegant and pampered.
Social :
* She is very forward and doesn't have to think twice before asking an uncomfortable question .
* After loosing the most important person in her life she might be loosing her elegance , shes is so depressed that she tries to find comfort in a stranger .
Educational :
* Harriet Gottlieb is of an upper-class perhaps that has much influence in her good education.
* Mrs Harriet Gottlieb is between 50-60 years old she was born in a good family that inculcated her with arbiter of taste and behavior. She married beneath her position in society that caused her big problems in the family. Her husband was an inspiration to her , she admired his drive and crudeness. He was different from her and her family , he was coarser. She was so distracted by her husband attitude that she didn't see the way it affected her sons.
* She is wearing a bright yellow dress with a scarf and a fur coat , her red lips and make up make her stand out .
* The tone in this scene is uncertain she has a way of speaking that might confuse others since she might be loud and cheering and sad and almost crying right after .
* Late 50s mid 60s
* She comes from an upper-class family , well known . After she married her family was her two sons Gordon and Dwight.
* This character has many differences for example she has a very peculiar way to treat people that i don't , the fact that she confuses the pain of her sons death with other emotions make her act the way she does. One moments shes fine and the next she tries to get attention .
* When Harriet was 14 years old her parents bought her a record player . Her favorite singer Dwight Dawn was the cutest boy in a very popular band in the late 1940s they didn't have many but her parents always made sure she had everything she