Character Analysis Of Chris Mccandless In Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

Words: 494
Pages: 2

Christopher McCandless, most commonly known as Alex, is an adventurous man. Chris goes through his entire life tied to his family's beliefs, and rather than doing what makes him happy, does what will ultimately please his mother and father. Chris’s main goal is to go on a expedition to Alaska completely on foot. He meets and connects with many people on his quest to Alaska, and all of these people not only impact him, but Chris makes an extremely big impact on them as well. The first person that we meet in the book is Jim Gallien. Gallien noticed Chris and immediately wanted to help him. Despite Gallien’s pleads, Chris insists that he continues his adventure North. Gallien and Chris spend two hours together and in that short amount of time, Gallien was able to see a different person than he saw initially on the side of the road. The author says, “The more they talked, the less Alex struck Gallien as a nut case. He was congenial, and seemed well educated” (Krakauer 5). It took just a few hours for Gallien to see the good in Chris, and this shows just how memorable Chris’s personality and motivation was to those around him. Alex was seeking something in his quest to Alaska, whether that is tangible or not, we as readers do not know yet. Chris can be looked at as crazy, unrealistic, or as a man with false …show more content…
I love this quote from Chris’s letter to Ron because it shows how much it meant to him that he went and found what he was looking for. Chris did not only have the idea to go to Alaska, but he put everything into making sure he did it the right way. I agree with Chris in that I do not think that we grow as human beings by just sitting around and wishing for something. If we want something we must go out and get it, for the only one in the way of achieving your goals is