Character Analysis Of Harry Lime

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Harry Lime is considered amoral because everything he values does not match up with the main values of Vienna. He values power over everything, and will not let anything stand in his path. Even though he is Anna’s number one priority and he knows she will always be loyal to him, his main focus is on himself. While Ana loves him selflessly, he is merely selfish with little or no concern for others. Lime is like someone who disobeys traffic laws causing an accident - he is selfish and causes pain to others to help himself, while a speeding driver who is trying to make sure they do not arrive late endangers others in order to protect themselves. What they don’t realize is they may end up hurt as well. His decision to water down penicillin for children and cause them extreme sickness or even death was followed by no remorse on his part. He thought of the children whose deaths he was responsible for were no more important than mere dots. Lime didn’t fight his instincts in the interests of right and wrong, he simply did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. In a strange way, he is the most human character because he accepts his morality (or lack thereof) and doesn’t hold back because society told him not too. He is the character who is most true to himself.

Holly is immoral because he does not always stick with his original beliefs. He changes his mind often, and when he falls for Anna he puts her as a priority above the laws of Vienna and, oddly enough, the loyalty he formerly had for Lime. He is somewhat of a lonely man, which may be an indication of why he was so willing to throw his belief system out the window in hopes of a relationship with Anna. Holly values justice the most, which explains his willingness in turning in his former best friend because for him, the crime Lime committed was enough to end the friendship and it was more important to make Lime face the due process of the law. He is fairly emotional when it