Character Analysis Of 'Honesty In The Crucible'

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Despicable Honesty is the best policy. Lying only gets you buried deeper away from the truth. Lying is the most despicable trait of Abigail and it’s also her biggest trait. My first reason that lead me to believe this, was that she was the one that gathered all the girls in the woods. She gathered all the girls to meet with Tituba so that she could cast a spell on Elizabeth Proctor. But when questioned about it she put the entire blame on Tituba. When Parris states “Then you were conjuring spirits last night.” (miller,1135). Abigail Replies with “Not I, sir Tituba and Ruth.” (miller, 1135). Clearly denying that she wasn’t involved with any witch craft going on, when it was her idea. My Second reason is that Abigail had a small affair with