Character Analysis Of Jay In The Great Gatsby

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Character Essay In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald the character Jay Gatsby is portrayed as a man who seems to have everything but is caught up in his emotions and wants nothing more than the love of a woman who he cannot have. The color that best displays Gatsby is orange. Orange represents people who are deceitful, arrogant, and optimistic. Jay Gatsby is a man of mystery with many questions surrounding his past and fortune. However, he manages to successfully avoid all of the rumors about him and look toward the future. This shows that he is very optimistic despite everything that is said about him. Gatsby’s main goal of his entire life was to gain the love of Daisy and this was shown excellently when Fitzgerald wrote “He hadn’t once ceased looking …show more content…
His lying ways were shown greatly when he was talking about how he came to live in his house and said “It took me just three years to earn the money that bought it.” (90). He said this to Nick after he had already lied to him and claimed he inherited his fortune. This contradicted what he said and exposed Gatsby as a man who many not always be telling the truth about his life.
Gatsby may seem to others to be a mysterious figure who is courteous and polite but, he is very arrogant and believes he is untouchable. Gatsby’s arrogance is shown when he tells Tom “Your wife doesn’t love you… She’s never love you. She loves me.” (130). He arrogantly tells Tom that Daisy does not love him and this will eventually lead to him losing Daisy. Despite his impressive confidence when telling Tom off he ended up being wrong and lost the only woman he ever loved.
Gatsby was a man who seemed to have everything except the love of the woman he wanted most. He is without a doubt perfectly represented by the orange personality due to his complete arrogance, deceitfulness, and