Character Analysis Of Jonas In The Giver By Lois Lowry

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Have you ever been closer to someone you were not related to than you are to your own family? In The Giver by Lois Lowry, Jonas the main character is closer to someone he is not related to then his family. Jonas is closer to the Giver than his parents, his sister, and his friends. Jonas does not have much conflict with his parents but he is not very close to them. On page 160, Jonas asks his parents if the love him and they say that love is a strong word. There is not much love in the community that Jonas lives in because the community tells people to take pills so they have no feelings. On page 190 Jonas has the opportunity to watch a release of a twin. A release is when they kill someone either as a punishment, if they are an identical twin, and if they are too old. Jonas’ father was the one doing the release and he did it so easily. Jonas was furious and refused to go home so he stayed with the Giver. Jonas’ relationship with his parents has no emotion and is closer to the Giver. …show more content…
On page 6 it says that Jonas and Lily would always argue over who would get to go first when his family shares their feelings at dinner. They would still fight but on page 17 Jonas would always want to teach Lily how to ride a bike, so he would still want to be with her.Also on page 220 Jonas left the community when he was going to his destination he remembered all of his happy memories and Lily was one of the happy memories. He cares about Lily but he realizes that their are no feelings between them because of the pills they