Character Analysis Of Ponyboy In The Outsiders

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Character Analysis on Ponyboy: Academic Essay

(first sentence/ Point) The Outsiders written by S.E. Hinton continues to be a (main idea) literary influence on the lives of many teens. This novel has been translated in thirty languages, and many find personal connections with either the plot or the characters themselves. (second sentence/ point) I connected with the novel with the idea that everyone is human they may not have the same life, but they’re still human. Everybody has problems and people judge each other without knowing them or their problems. Ponyboy gets judged by everyone as a thug. Johnny knew Ponyboy that why He tells Ponyboy stay gold. Ponyboy lives in a place where people judge by looks. just like the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover. (third sentence/point) Ponyboy says in his mind, “Maybe the two
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He does certainly changes from the beginning of the novel to the end of the novel. (second sentence: Explain) Through very difficult circumstances… My Character becomes dynamic because he looses emotion and a lot of brain cells.(Third sentences: Round or Flat) I feel most characters in The Outsiders novel are definitely round. That is the reason why so many teens have been able to relate to these real characters with real problems. He is round, not litterly, but figuratively because he would be so fat. Ponyboy is round because he cares for the people around him and once he looses so much he just doesn’t care. There’s nothing left to take from him. When Johnny died, he was sad, but wasn’t emotionless. Darry died and that’s all he could take. Also the concoction he had, did his brothers ever think of putting him on anti-depressants because drug sometimes work. Ponyboy seeing him develop and grow I didn’t really care. This is just a fictional kid that had a tragedy loosing his chance to go to collage and do stuff. There are so many people with a ruff life and when you realize I don’t know I think I’m just