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How to analyze a character: Mrs. Mallard

Mrs. Mallard, the main character in the short story, The Story of an Hour, by Kate Chopin, is a very interesting character. Mrs. Louise Mallard is the center of everything in this short story. At the beginning of the story we find out that Mrs. Mallard is struggling with a heart condition. She is very ill and sick from the struggles she is having with her heart. We also know that she is a true woman because in the story it describes her as not working or doing any manual labor. Chopin describes Mrs. Mallard as a “young, with a fair, calm face, whose lines bespoke repression and even a certain strength” (Chopin 8). The author is saying that even though she has this heart condition she is still youthful and though stressed from her own heath and the passing of her husband she has a pretty body and an outgoing personality. For the “hour” that we know Mrs. Mallard we realize that she is a courageous woman because she has been holding all of her feelings inside of her until her husband’s death. In the beginning of the story we see that Mrs. Mallard is shy and very tentative to release any of her emotions or feelings but as the story goes on she begins to become stronger and more comfortable in her own self. Mrs. Mallard shows that she is caring toward her husband when he passes away, she is overcome by sadness and she cries for a while. Lastly, through the way Richards and Josephine treat her, we realize that Mrs. Mallard is a frail and fragile woman because of her ailing health. She is also very strong be because she tries to make sure people don’t know about her heart condition. One of the biggest moments in this short story is the passing of Mr. Brently Mallard after