Character Analysis: Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes

Words: 461
Pages: 2

Virgil Byrnes insensitively abuses his daughter, Sarah, and from the moment he burns her face, she immediately becomes an outcast. In Chris Crutcher’s novel, Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes, Sarah has burns all over her face in which she gets bullied for constantly. Luckily she has her best friend, Eric or “Moby” Calhoune, who stays an outcast just for her. Moby does many things to make sure Sarah is not alone such as excluding himself from activities with his friends and being there for Sarah all the time. The first thing Eric does for Sarah is giving up his popularity. Eric, loyal and caring, explains to the reader how he “stays fat” for Sarah. He explains, “I made it my life's resolution to refuse any invitation that excluded Sarah