Character Analysis: The Glass Castle Rex Walls

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Even though it’s hard to mend broken pieces, it is possible for parents to build strong children despite the problems they face. Jeannette becomes an independent girl inspire of her parents lack of attention which makes her fend for herself. Jeanette had somewhat of an usual childhood compared to other kids in the United States. Where as most kids don’t have to worry about getting food or money, Jeannette has to worry. Jeannette has to deal with her self centered mother, who doesn't care about her children and her alcoholic father who quits his jobs because he wants to find gold. How does this parenting shape the person Jeannette becomes? Can parents raise stronger children when they are dealing with their own problems? Yes, but not …show more content…
A parent should be able to give up what they want the most for what the child need right now, even if the addiction is strongly controlled them. Rose Walls, Jeannette artist mother claimed that she has a sugar addiction similar to Rex alcoholism this show how Rex addiction is causing problem for family giving people serious addiction problem of other kinds that may lead up to one of the family member on drugs , but this fault does not just fall on Rex but as well as Roes. Maury, Jerry Springer and others DNA/lying test proved that even if you are in a dystopian you can get out and fix your life for your family, therefore there is no excuse for giving up on something or making up lame excuses. Another reason Rex demeanor effect the Walls family is Jeannette explained that her father will make everyone get up and move because he got tired of the area, relieved of the duties of his job , the bills got to a point where he can’t pay for or a police officer or even an FBI agent was coming to get him for crimes he commented. This proved that Rex is an irresponsible parent running away from all his problem even so he is a genius and should have no problem figure out a way for family to get out of debt this should had taught Jeannette and her siblings to run away from their problem ,yet it didn’t , it taught Jeannette and her sibling to face their problem head on and to face these problems together as a family like time Jeannette and her brothers fought off bullies that were messing with