Character Analysis: Their Eyes Were Watching God

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In life everyone tries to find their genuine identity, for some it falls into place with no issue, for others it may take years to discover and everybody has to go through rough times, without harsh times life would not by any means exist however what everyone needs to do is stay stable under all circumstances. In the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie faces so many struggles in life and still remain strong without giving up. Janie’s a young African woman who experiences, childhood in a white way of life, accepted she was not a part of them until age six, when she discovered that she was black. This change Janie’s perspective on life. While she thought she found herself able to do things regardless of her color. The most interesting …show more content…
She left all her wealth the life she was living and moved to the Everglades with Tea Cake. She became more strong and independent. This relationship is different from her other relationships. They both had adventures and enjoyable relationship rather than a harsh one with her previous marriages. She is not dependent on Tea Cake. Tea Cake, on the other hand, does not downgrade her or make her feel lesser so that she will obey him. Instead, he believes in her and allows her to step outside the tight place she had been in while married to Jody. He teaches her to play checkers, allows her to speak in public, takes her out fishing and brings her to work at his side. The two are equal partners, not greater or lesser. Their relationship was the best and unique. They were truly happy. Tea Cake helps Janie find that true love exists and money and power aren’t necessary to find. Janie told her best friend, Phoeby that she and Tea Cake about to get married, even though she’s older than him it doesn't matter because Tea Cake has shown her what love is all about and respect her. The two got married, and the strength of their relationships showed when he went to work and ends up missing Janie so badly. It went about like that when Janie finally decided to work with him on the farm. Their relationship seems to be perfection when an unexpected incident brings their relationship to a close end. When Janie had to shoot Tea Cake it was to protect herself. She mourned his death and did so happily, not sadly. Because she had finally found the true love she always