Character Analysis: Zebra By Chaim Potok

Words: 386
Pages: 2

“ Life is the art of drawing, without an eraser, “ John W. Gardner. Zebra, from the story “ Zebra, “ by Chaim Potok, was the fastest boy around. Then, he was hit by a car and he changed. Zebra went from happy and carefree to disconsolate. The car crash was what caused everything to happen, and without it nothing that happens in the story would have happened. In the end, experiences can lead to the discovery of the need for change.
The first big experience is when the main character, Zebra, gets hit by a car. “ … when a huge rushing shadow…. crashed into him and plunged him into darkness from which he emerged very slowly. “ This is how Zebra breaks his leg and caused him to change. He couldn't run so he just walked around aimlessly. Instead