Events In The Story Of An Hour

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Both of the characters in the stories were similar in personality, because, they both cared about their stories, both were also women. The stories were similar in themselves because they both show the struggle that female authors went through in that time period trying to publish a book or novel. Some similar events happened in the stories, like despair, travel and monologues (done by the narrators themselves). The despair comes at a point in time in the stories that is called the climax (the “peak” of the story) and in the “story of an hour” the despair comes when the wife finds out about the large train car accident and the possible death of her husband, at first she is very grief stricken but, then realizes that she no longer has to live under the harsh control of her husband like so many women back in that literary time period, after her epiphany she then become very overwhelmed with emotion for a very different reason. The point in time when the “April showers” had despair in it was when Theodora had gotten the letter then goes into town to buy the book then gets to her house, runs upstairs and finds that this isn’t her book, she is so upset by this that she travels to Boston and complains.
The point in time when both of the characters traveled were very pivotal and could easily have changed the stories, first of course is the “story of an hour” when the husband travels home to shock his wife into death and this point could have very simply not happened and the wife could have triumphed in the end but it turns out that her husband is still alive and happy