Character Creation-Wizard of Oz Essay

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Lenny the Unlucky Leprechaun

This is the story of Lenny the Leprechaun. Lenny lives in Oz with his wife and little leprechaun children. Normally, leprechauns are known for being lucky and bringing good luck to others, but, ironically, Lenny is different. Lenny was born with bad luck and has had it ever since.
Lenny has bought lottery tickets, entered drawings, and competed in every kind of sport imaginable, but cannot ever seem to win. If a stop light is green, it turns red when he tries to drive through it, and the Oz police always catch him! Lenny has the worst luck in Oz.
One day, while trying to get the scratches out of his car paint from his weekly car accident, Lenny saw Dorothy and her three friends walking down the yellow brick road. He asked them about their journey and they told him all about the Wizard.
"I wonder if he would give me good luck if I asked him for it?"
Lenny decided to make the journey to the Emerald City and speak with the Wizard. Upon arrival, he and the others learned about the ruse that the Wizard had pulled off against all of the citizens of Oz. Once his secret was revealed and he gave symbolic gifts to the others, the Wizard replied to Lenny in a similar fashion to that in which he spoke to them.

“Lenny, you do not need me to give you good luck. You have a beautiful wife and a house full of healthy children living with you in your safe, warm home. You are the luckiest leprechaun in Oz and always have been.”

On his way