Character Development Essay

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Character development is not something that can be gained or developed over night. Character development is the multiple life skills that an person builds within themselves throughout their life’s. When a person develops good character at a young age of their life, they will benefit in the long run because they used the life skills they gained and put them to use, becoming a successful person in all aspects of life.
There is one thing for sure in this world, everyone wants to reach their goal in life and we want to recognize our truth potential. In order to do this we must have some skills, and in this case its values skills. Values skills are some characteristics we express such as communication, commitment, hard work, setting goals, etc. if an person wants to join at job, a sport or any discipline, that individual must learn and master particular skills. Having life values that you developed allows a person to deal with life’s difficulties and struggles in a more effectively way. People do not realize this, but when a person gain essential life skills and are able to develop them for their own uses when they want, that person has more control over their life and are therefore are happier and more productive in life. Participation in sports an early age helps provide good character that leads to development within an individual. Sports are one of the most persuasive ways for a person to develop good character because sports involve a lot of aspects of social interactions. As a sports participant you will gain life skills such as perseverance, and ethical decision-making skills. Perseverance is a characteristic that is