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Kevin Yomoto is just 17 year high school student, middle child and full of hopes and dreams that are out of this world. Dreaming of being an astronaut, to explore space like no one ever before. He lives in a little town of about 300 people with his mother, father, little sister, and older brother. Being the middle child never came with a label but my god all the trouble he’s gotten into made him the problem child of the town. Beside all that, he’s the smartest kid in town with a huge imagination. Paper boy by day, genius by night. Every day on his normal route he passes the Cronos space station dreaming of taking off while everyone looks. By night his mind runs free. Up in his tree house he always thought of finding other life forms in the deep space. At nearby space station a test type Zoanoid escapes from the Cronos space station with three XO Units. Zoaniod are being not from earth. Cronos soldiers attempt to recover the units from the test type, but are thwarted when the test type detonates a bomb that he has concealed in his bag. The XO Units are scattered in the blast. One of the lost XO Units, known as "Unit I", lands near a young high school students, Kevin Yomoto. Kevin accidentally activates the unit which then painfully merges with him. Over time, Kevin learns more about the XO Unit and its abilities. The XO Unit is virtually invulnerable with its only weak point being the Control Metal. With this part intact, it can rebuild the host from the data stored within.…