Character Essay of Simon - Lord of the Flies

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The appearance of Simon in the novel The Lord of the Flies is of great significance and is substantial for the development of the story because he made lots of points in the story. First of all, it is important to state that he sent simple, yet deep messages throughout the novel, with morals behind them. Religiously speaking, Simon can be identified as the Christ-figure in the story. Simon also had a very specific role in the novel in being the character in contact with nature. Simon's significance in the story is obvious, and one way to deduce this is by identifying his messages.
Throughout the story, Simon gave a variety of advice that did not seem important at the moment, but turned out to be substantial as time went by. Simon
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This gives more detail and support to Simon's ideals and values, as well as the fact that he was in touch with nature more than the others thus enabling him to have a more critical view of the Beast. When he tries to tell the tribe the truth about the beast, he is interrupted. He fails to tell the community what he thinks the Beast really is: a strange essence deep inside them, in their conscience. Later on, when Simon tried to tell the community he had been talking to the Beast and that it responded, the tribe kills him, feeling desperate and scared of what he might say. This however, did not stop him from leaving the message he did, clearing up some boys minds about the Beast. Despite his tragic destiny, Simon's mission was successfully accomplished.
In conclusion, Simon's presence in the book has an excellent outcome. He scattered out diverse messages, later perceived by the tribe. Simon also had the dignity of occupying the place of Christ in the society, being acknowledged as the redeemer. Simon's role in the book was palpable, and he prolifically did it. Very few characters, such as Simon have such vast influences, and are not paid any attention, but it is characters like these that make books appealing and
A curious figure and originally a member of the choir, the only one who resists becoming a hunter. The other boys think that he is 'batty'. Simon always comes to the boys'