Character Evaluation Essay

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Character Evaluation

Mary J House

University of Phoenix

Psych 230

October 7, 2012

I don’t watch a lot of movies, so for this assignment I chose to do it on Ruby Gettinger.
This is a show about a woman named Ruby who weighed in at 716 pounds and decided that she needed to change her life so she embarked on a televised weight loss journey. I am currently watching it on Netflix and have just started watching season 3, she is now down to 320 pounds. This show aired on the Style Network from 2008 to 2011. In order for Ruby to get to 716 pounds to begin with I think she was very weak willed, careless, and negligent in her eating habits. Her overall appearance at the beginning of the series was quite depressing. She seemed very insecure and inhibited with herself and her surrounding’s. Ruby’s insecurities seemed to make her codependent on her friends, who unwillingly enabled her to do nothing to change her life for the better. I must say that even in the beginning Ruby seemed to be very sociable though. Ruby has a genuine love for people and is very affectionate and caring. Ruby seems to have a genuine concern for others and is very sympathetic to the plights of others and is very empathetic of their problems. Ruby is sensitive and out going. Her personality seems to blossom with every pound she loses. Since her weight has been in the 300 pound range Ruby seems to have a higher self esteem and seems much more confident. She is much more independent and relies more on herself than on her friends. Ruby is curious now and has a sense of adventure, she is always looking for new ways to aid in her weight loss. Not only is she concerned about herself but she