Character Failure In Hamlet

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Many of us deal with failure in our lifetime, even characters from literature. Our defeat comes in a large variety. This can range from failing at putting together a birdhouse, to accidentally murdering your loved one’s father. In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Hamlet faces a sufficient failure due to non-committal tendencies and procrastination. From his trials, I have personally learned a lot from his experience, although the incidents I faced were not as intense as his. Literature can teach a great deal to a person, especially about failures.

Hamlet was born as an heir to his father, King Hamlet of Denmark. The king came to a sudden death and this caused Claudius, King Hamlet’s brother, to take his chance to acquire the crown and married the widowed queen. A ghost resembling the fallen king told Hamlet that it was Claudius that had poisoned him. This caused him to seek vengeance, creating a plan to murder his uncle. He could not follow through with this though since his flaws of not being able to commit and procrastination prevented him from doing so. Hamlet attempts his plan, but he continuously puts off the plan by moping, putting on an act, thinking for too long, and just plain missing
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From these failures, readers can learn from their experiences. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the main character planned to get avenge his fallen father, but he continuously put off his objective. Because of this, he ultimately failed. From this, I have learned that I need to take chances as they come and that I should not delay so I do not come to fail in the end. Although Hamlet’s failure has an unpleasant outcome, it forces the reader to face thoughts about failing. It pushes us to think about what will eventually come, some form of failure. I have learned from a character in literature that procrastination leads to failure, and it can be prevented if taking the right