Essay on Character: Human and People

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Character is a unique trait that forms the nature of individuals or objects and is often used to define traits such as integrity, abilities, disposition, morals, ethical strength, honesty, courage, etc. Living in a fast-paced society that constantly forces people to publicly advertise their characters in a fast-food manner makes it difficult for people to accurately assess character traits. Social media networks are one such “fast-food” platform: individuals display their characters/images for the world to see, but we only get a glimpse. People capture individual moments well, but too often, they don’t paint a clear or complete picture. We seldom get to see a well-rounded depiction of a person’s life and ultimately his or her character. "Reality" television also only offers a glimpse; the shows are constructed so that the viewing public see only what producers believe will entice viewers. When frustration about character arises, think about how you have been conditioned to judge people immediately. As a youngster growing up Nigeria, she would often be reminded by her parents of her cultural obligations, such as giving respect to the elderly, wishing others a good morning, afternoon, and evening, and offering assistance to people in arduous situations. Additionally, she was instructed to respect her peers; you never know how your paths may cross in the future. However, upon migrating to the United States at the age of fourteen, she faced a major cultural shock: the people were not as friendly, and the level of respect she had grown accustomed to was almost nonexistent. She would say “Good morning,” and at times, she would receive a stink eye or an “I don’t know you.” Furthermore, if she saw an elderly person struggling with heavy or cumbersome load and offered to assist them, the person would deny her and periodically give a nasty response. Eventually, these negative experiences caused her to start questioning her character and that of other human beings.
Sometimes, the word “independence” becomes extreme; running your own life is great, and so is having the ability to say you achieved your success without anyone. However, in becoming so obsessed with the need to be independent, we have unlearned how to ask for help or feel worthy of receiving it. After serious deliberation and investigating, one could infer that asking for assistance is seen as being weak.
Our generation is moving into a new space and learning to ask for help and accept help; however, our elders are taking a longer time to catch up. They don't know how to ask for help, and it is a defeating feeling. They need to gain trust, and its takes longer to earn an adult’s trust than to earn a peer’s trust. This attitude is not only limited to the United States – this character flaw is also pervasive in other areas.
As she became older and blossomed into a social butterfly, she would often attend social functions. But she soon realized that she was surrounded by many men who would…