Essay on Character: Ice Hockey and Michigan State University

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As I look up at the scoreboard, the seconds started to tick down slower and s l o w e r. The rush of adrenaline kicked in and it all started to pour to my head- in 30 seconds, my teammates and I would be the state champions of our 19 and under girl’s hockey program. Then the buzzer rang and the happiness and excitement struck everyone at the same time. I find that I am extremely proud of this moment, not only because we were the winners, but also because I led my team to victory by using the unique power that I have to succeed as being an assistant captain. I have the ability to be a quiet, reflective, and thoughtful leader, which just goes to show that this unnoticed capability is actually a huge talent.
Throughout the season, our team as a whole had to go through many hardships and battle over them. In the middle of our season, right before a big game, our coach came in to the locker room and proceeded to tell us that one of our teammates was admitted to the hospital. All of us sank, because if one goes down, we all go down together until we fix things. This difficulty almost made our team fall apart, but we stuck together and visited her until she was healthy again. Our coach would always tell us, “We can bend, but we cannot break.” This quote relates to my hockey team incredibly because between all of our personal, social, and physical lives, we act as one and come out stronger in the end, every single time.
This life experience has had a major impact on my life