Character Profiles Essay

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Character profiles
Vittorio Innocente
Vittorio, a 7 year-old son of Cristina, is the protagonist and the narrator of the lives of the saints. Due to his Innocence, Vittorio is too immature to comprehend the temptress behavior of Cristina and the attitude of the villagers towards his family. Vittorio’s last name is absolutely a great irony to his character in the procedure of this novel. Vittorio, is in fact very naïve and careless to his surroundings. For example, even after catching his mother with a blue-eyed man, he does not show any specific reaction. This lack of reaction, he truly does not understand what is going on around him.
Cristina Innocente
Cristina is the most controversial character in the novel. In addition to her sin for committing adultery, she also goes against all the traditions and beliefs that are held as sacred in the village of Valle del sole. For instance, rather than going to confession of burning the chicken carcass in order to get rid of the curse, she denies the fact that this ritual is even logically exist. Cristina’s interest in her own beliefs and logic, results in her alienation n from her superstitious society around her who accepts everything without any logical or reasonable thought behind it.
Vittorio’s grandfather Despite never having his real name revealed, Vittorio’s grandfather role in this novel is as a father figure of the story. Being mayor of Valle del sole, he follows the beliefs and traditions of the village