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Character Analyses
A Death In the Family
Rufus Follet A bright young boy living without his father named Rufus, has left the world behind him,during the time of 1909 in Knoxville, Tennessee. He let his personality, family, and appearance fall slowly away. Even though he lost someone that was dear to him, he was still able to keep his father in his heart. (Where is your thesis statement?)
This bright young boy lost everything about him, but one important thing that slowly failed was his personality. Before Rufus lost his father, He was one of the most sweet and kind young man. Once his father died,it was like he was ill with the world. Even his maturity level. This young boy has lost this, but thats not all he lost.
Rufus Follet also allowed his family members to fall slowly away. This loss kind of made him mute to the world. He didn't really have the same memories that he did before. He didn't enjoy being around all of these people even though he really did love them. I think this loss made him distance with his loved ones.
Rufus Follet’s appearance was a mirror image of the author, James Agee. It was said that he is the reincarnation of James Agee. He more physical appearance is not described in detail in the book, but he is to be imagined as having black hair and brown eyes. He is basically described as the typical boy his age and race. His physical appearance did have an change once the death in his family has occured.
In conclusion, I do think that even though