Characteristics Of A Nurse Professional

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Unite 2 Assignment

According to the scenario it looks like a health care provider is at the bed side such as RN, Resident, Surgeon, PCA, etc. The individual looks professional by looking at her clean and neat cloths, well combed hair, and appropriate make up on. She has stethoscope around means she comes prepared for her job. She has pretty smile on her face which represents a positive attitude. "Half or more of all communication is nonverbal," (Goudreau, 2012). I really don’t see any aspects presented that were not professional. The way individual facing seems that she took care of the patient and going to leave the room.
According to me and my co-workers the appropriate attire for an individual in my profession and position is scrubs that are not distracting and appropriate for the work place. Majority of nurses wear white pants and non revealing tops that convey professionalism.
Some components that make a nurse a professional include punctuality, Image, self-regulation, proficiency, truthfulness, and specialized knowledge. Greeting and interacting with all personal and patients in a respectful manner and completing tasks efficiently and in appropriate time. For example, one of my co-workers comes everyday 10 to 15 minutes late, so the nurse who’s going off duty gets upset with her. The upcoming nurse has to hurry up to get report and don’t have enough time to introduce herself well to her patients, or listen to her patients if they have to say something to the nurse during report at the bedside. So, she doesn’t leave her image to patients as professional as she supposed too. First impression is the last impression.
Specialized knowledge, honesty and self-regulation are the key to developing my professional image in nursing. Specialized knowledge help a nurse to practice in a severe, considerate and constant way to provide better patient care.
In any field, if there is no honesty, today or tomorrow you will lose the trust of your boss, manager, coworker, etc. In my field honesty is the best way to create therapeutic relationship with a patient. If you don’t know about something then don’t just lie to patient. Do what you tell the patient that you will do for them. For example, if you