Characteristics Of An Innovator

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I consider myself an innovator based on the skills needed to let innovation flourish. There are five qualities that are found in every innovator. These qualities include: associating, questioning, observing, networking and experimenting. Associating is the ability to place two unlikely things together to create something that is functional and solves a problem. The idea of questions is essential for innovator because it allows them to find deeper meaning in projects by getting to the root of the problem. Observing allows innovators to test their theories and see if the solutions they have created are effective. Networking allows innovators to glean resources and information that furthers their creative solutions. No innovator can go without the experimenting process of learning how and what works for their innovation.

The skills that I work best with are the skill of questioning, observing and networking. It is true that my level of questioning has got me into some precarious situations. Yet that is just it, disruptive innovation takes one to pose the hard questions that no one what to think about our answer. It is in that probing that one finds situations or are well prepared for an alternative plan of action. In addition to my questioning skills, I flourish in observing what occurs around me. Observation is key to innovation. I have the ability to look at situations through many lenses to see both topical and superficial concerns and solutions that may