Characteristics Of Atticus Finch In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In To Kill a Mockingbird written by Harper Lee, it is clear to see how different characters interact, and associate with one another, based off of their beliefs, morals, and opinions. Atticus Finch is a man in this novel that provides a balanced view on others and is able to case for his children. The way he interacts with others is not the as how others do in the Maycomb community. As a man in the Maycomb community Atticus stands by his opinions and beliefs. He willingly stands up for what he believes in, and he demands that all sides of a story are heard before a decision is made, no matter what race, colour, or social status. As a main character in the novel, Atticus Finch presents himself as a wise, courageous, and compassionate man which …show more content…
Qualities such as wisdom, courage, and compassion. Atticus is a man that is unique in the Maycomb community, as he shows such good qualities to all people, no matter their race, colour, or social status. Atticus willingly shows these qualities to others, some of these people others do not even think about speaking to just because of their colour, race, or social status. This is proven by his interactions with his children, Mrs. Dubose, Tom Robinson and his family, and the Ewell family. Some of these people are not even spoken to by others. From various novels, everyone can take something from a character or plot and apply it to life. In this case Atticus is a character that everyone can learn something from. People can be more like Atticus by showing wisdom when parenting and dealing with others. Courage is another quality that was seen in Atticus, so people can be similar to Atticus by not having other people alter your views on a subject if they are right. Finally everyone can use the example of Atticus to show others compassion, when thinking of people who are much less fortunate than others it is not wrong to show some sympathy for them or by donating something to them as they might need it. There are many good qualities that everyone can take away from this novel and from Atticus and apply to their life, three of which are wisdom, courage and compassion. That being said, it should be a goal for everyone to show such kind qualities like these to