Characteristics Of Boxer Bra

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1.0 Introduction.

State what the report is about what you intend to investigate.
(eg)this report will investigate……

This report will investigate with fabric, or polyester is more suitable for boxer shorts.
Though the internet or class study this report will compare the characteristics of cotton or natural fibre and the characteristics of polyester.


2.1 fabrics characteristics required for boxer shorts (what characteristics would you look for when wearing boxer shorts?)
* comfortable .
* absorbent .
* non-shrink .
* durable strong .
* easy care .
*easy to cook in .

2.2 fibre characteristics of cotton.
(what are the characteristics of cotton?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of cotton?)
Cotton is a natural fibre. it comes from a plant. Cotton has many qualities witch make it popular and community used fibre.
*it is soft and comfortable close to the skin.
* it has good moisture absorbent qualities.
*it does not build up static electricity.
*it has good strength and is easy to sew.
*machine washable.
*has good colour retention.
*drapes well.
2.3 fibre characteristics of polyester.
(What are the characteristics of polyester?
What are the advantages and disadvantages?)
*polyester is a manufactured fibre, that is man-made.
Some of polyester properties are:
*crisp soft handle.
*resistance to stretching and shrinking.
*washable or dry cleanable.

2.4 cotton v polyester – witch fabric is most suitable for boxer shorts?
Justify your response.
( make your fabric choice and give reasons for its suitable for boxer shorts?) *cotton was most suitable fabric to use for boxer shorts. It is more comfortable to wear then polyester especially for sleep and dor wearing under as underwear. Cotton is cooler then polyester and it is also a good conductor of heat allowing the heat to escape through the fabric keeping the body cool.