Characteristics Of Life Essay

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Megan Kent
Characteristics of Life

Living things include both the visible world of animals and plants, as well as the invisible world of bacteria. I’m going to be explaining some characteristics my dog has as a way of showing he’s actually a living thing. Well, my dog is a Pomeranian, which means he’s very small. They usually don’t grow to be more than 7 pounds. When my mom first came home with my dog, he was only 3 pounds and I could hold him in 1 hand! Over the past 5 years he’s grown 4 more pounds and is still very small, still too small to even jump on my couch and too scared to jump off, but he still grew a little. Even though my dog weighs 7 pounds, I’m pretty sure at least 2 pounds is from all his fur he has, which means when it comes to be winter time it’s easier for him to adapt to the colder climate. Also, whenever winter time comes, it seems like he wants to be outside more than he does in the summer. I think that Florida is a little too hot for him because if he goes for a run in the summer then he pants a lot and has to go right in the pool to cool off, but during the colder months he’s fine after running. Lastly, my dog has so many different reactions for specific things. Right now there are only 3 things I can think of. Whenever someone knocks on my door or rings my doorbell he runs to the window by the door and barks for 10 minutes straight until he knows for sure that the coast is clear. Also, whenever my cat comes into his sight, he runs…