Characteristics of Management Essay

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Characteristics of a Knowledge-and Value-Centered Manager
Amy Knipe
HSM 220
December 14, 2014
Marie Sabini
Characteristics of a Knowledge-and Value-Centered Manager
Ten characteristics necessary for an effective manager
Respect -Value
Organization - Knowledge
Trust- Value
Efficiency - Knowledge
Positive attitude - Value
Control - Knowledge
Vision - Knowledge
Ability to motivate - Value
Ability to plan - Knowledge
Perspective – Value

Each characteristic contributes in its own important way to being an effective manager. Respect adds value to the organization by showing respect to your employees as well as respect for your clients and yourself. Organization adds value from a manager’s position by keeping order of all things within the organization. Keeping organization is important and shows a sense of responsibility to your organization. Trust will hold high value to all managers and workers because there must be a since of trust in the manger’s leadership. The organization needs to trust the manager’s ideals, strategies, and communication skills so that their management is efficient. Efficiency adds value to an organization because it is a way to see how productive management is. The way management is working and how the organization is running depends on efficiency of management. A positive attitude is good morale for the work place and that adds value to an organization. Control adds value to all organization by showing the management is always in control, in a…