Characteristics Of Victor In Frankenstein

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Similarities of Victor and the Monster The novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley has two main characters who from the outside look like two very different creatures, but share many of the same characteristics. The monster, created by Victor Frankenstein, does not share any DNA with his creator but have traits and qualities that resembles Victor. Their physical traits have no affinity but their personalities are uncanny. From the start of the novel to the end, the reader can start to notice more similarities of Victor and his creation. Even though the monster is multiple bodies brought back to life, Victor and his monster share similar characteristics because of their desire for knowledge, extreme isolation, and how they both use nature to escape. Throughout the novel, the reader can see that Victor and his monster have an eagerness to expand their intelligence. The monster started from nothing, after being abandoned by his creator, he taught himself how to walk, talk, and overcome hunger all by himself. This takes a higher amount of intelligence to learn all these essentials of life by spectating others in the shadows. …show more content…
Victor has no close friends because he is spending all his time learning and working on his creations. At his university, Victor is so inspired by his books and his love for science that he chooses to isolate himself. His genius is the dangerous and reckless kind that keeps him detached from family and friends. The monster has been lonely his whole life, even from the start, because Victor abandoned him. He had to learn to walk and talk by himself, and when he did, he only got shunned for his hideous looks. The monster lives in the forest and in hiding watches the De Lacey family. He dreams of having a family and having a romantic lover, which creates more feelings of loneliness. The monster and Victor are very isolated characters in the book and many times feel very lonely and