Essay on Characteristics of a Niche

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Characteristics of a Niche
Kashena Walton
SC: 235 General Biology1 –Human Perspectives
Kaplan University

A Niche is described as an organism’s job in a community (Ireland, 2012). Everything from where an organism lives to what it eats to what time of day it is active helps define its niche. According to (Ireland, 2012) If you are a typical college student, your habitat is your campus. Your niche includes your dorm room, your class schedule, your extracurricular activities, your dietary choices, your study habits, and even your wardrobe. No two organisms can occupy the same niche in the same habitat. Imagine how difficult your existence would be if another student was following your exact schedule, living in your room, and eating the same food at exactly the same time! One of you would have to alter your routine in order to coexist (Ireland, 2012). The way I fit into my personal Niche may be as a normal regular hard working young lady. Where I am from you have to work and go after what you want, because no one will bring it to you hand and foot. I am from a family where I am the only one to complete my college degree. My mother has a few college hours but never completed them for her degree. I am the only one with a degree and trying to complete school for my bachelor’s degree. I am known to be a role model to my family and others in my area. If I didn’t make a change for my family that means food wouldn’t be provided for them. If I was to be taken away and placed into the Australian Outback I may hurt someone’s feelings of being their role model in life. The Australian Outback only has 60,000 people that make up the outback (About the Australian Outback). Mostly, everyone live in small villages, widely separated by deserts connected by highways and dirt roads. Most of the people work on cattle and sheep farms but, mining is one of the big industries in the outback. The differences between the two niches is that where I am from school is a requirement. In the Australian Outback because of the distance between cities and scattered population school is not really an option. In the Outback during the months of July and August is freezes every night. In my own niche during the month of July and August it is very hot (About the Australian Outback). There are not any similarities within my niche because the Australian Outback is more of the desert land area. If I was placed in The Australian Outback the way I would make a survival would be by working on the farms or in the mining industry. If I were to go anywhere in the outback I should always tell someone where I am going. It is always important to take things with you in case of and emergency. I should find shelter to keep my body from getting harmed, because it is known in the outback. Food is really not an option to eat unless no one knows I am missing. The way to survive if no one know I am missing is to follow animal print