The Characterization Of Othello

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Characterization of Othello Othello is the protagonist in Shakespeare’s play, he plays a Moor who converted into a Christian and became the general for the armies of Venice. Othello has a strong personality and is physically strong as well. Although he is an African moor, he is respected by all those around him. This physical and mental characterization is ironic compared to how insecure he can feel at times of the play.
The forty-third president of the United States, George W. Bush once famously asked his country, “Is our children learning?” According to our statistics, they is not. The study done by the McCormick Tribune freedom Museum expressed that about twenty two percent of Americans could name all five of the Simpson family members, and merely just one in a thousand not attain the ability to name the freedoms that our First Amendment provides us with. Essentially, we have come to a boiling point in society where we seem to fail to educate ourselves to progress the complexity of our minds. America has dug itself a huge hole of ignorance, arrogance, and honestly… just plain stupidity. I mean by the age of eighteen you would think people would have at least known who their vice president is. Well not really…Nevertheless, Pew Poll stated approximately a whopping sixty percent have no idea. We as Americans are truly turning to a pile of idiotic, empty-headed, fools. We are lacking our abilities in the most important subjects that lag us academically from the rest of the world. For example, as said by William J. Bennet of CNN, the United States has ranked 21st in the subject of mathematics out of the classified 65 modern countries of the world. Additionally, we rank thirtieth in the sciences. These miserable and embarrassing statistics are hard to concur, especially since the majority of us here are most likely part of them. I believe we have all noticed from Christina Aguilera’s mishap of forgetting the words of the national anthem at the super bowl to millions of teenagers watching Jersey Shore instead of doing their homework, America has come to a very steep fall in intelligence. In other words American society is dumbing down, educationally, culturally, and intellectually. According to the National Journal’s Peter Thiel, he assessed the political view points on how America’s progress in innovation has severely dropped. Thiel also commented on how America’s focuses on math, science, and engineering schools have reduced as well. The reasons are simply the outcomes to less competition, a decrease in creativity, and the largest, the failure that America has to educate and inform its people. Society has made self-assurance or self-confidence a big issue on the American children. The origin of these bases was founded mostly in the nineteen eighties, where the number of suicides skyrocket and overdrew a dark and scary cloud of fear for adults at the time. Professional counselors and psychologists blamed the tensely stressful school systems that only bring anxiety to the students themselves. Educational institutions have now stopped ranking at schools and provide less homework to the children. The Post-Gazette stated many examples of how a copious number of schools are decreasing the amount of homework being put upon the students. There are also institutions who do not believe in giving their pupils any work load of some sort to try and advancing them. No sign of advantage has come our way to prove these institutions unusual acts. The choice of not ranking students has even made colleges despise the illogical sense of this. New York Times interviewed the admissions dean at Swarthmore College, who complained “This movement to not let other kids feel bad that there are others who are smarter, is ridiculing the natural process of rank, and ends the encouragement to become one of the top, which is the point.” We have transformed the disadvantages of what the professionals called stress upon the students, to turn