Characters: Fiction and Character Essay

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Characters Essay

There are many important parts to putting together a play but the characters are one of the most important parts you couldn’t have a play without them. A character is a person or animal that is made up for a narrative arts for example: novel,play,film or television series. The word character comes from the ancient greek word kharaktêr meaning character in english. In literature characters guide readers through the story to help them understand the plot and themes. When a human portrays a human character in a play it gives the “illusion of being a human person” representing a character. Since the nineteenth century the art of creating characters has been called characterization. Characterization is the method of creating characters for a narrative. This method includes showing the characters appearance, displaying the characters actions, revealing the characters thoughts, letting the character speak, and getting the reaction of others. Character structure is a person’s traits.There are two different kinds of characterization and they are: direct characterization and indirect characterization. Direct characterization is when the author tells the reader or audience what a character is like. It may be told by a narrator or another character or by the character himself. Indirect characterization is when the reader or audience must infer for themselves what the character is like through the characters thoughts, actions, speech, looks, and interactions with other characters including the other