Characters Lady Macbeth Essay

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Adriana Rodriguez
Mrs. Aleman
English IV-5B
18, March 2013
Throughout the play ‘Macbeth’, the two main characters Lady Macbeth and Macbeth have a lot of similarities as well differences. That later on the play it’s a big factor of the way they behave and the way of how they deal with their actions. This similarities and differences later on the story play a major role of how the story develops. Some of the similarities of this two character at the beginning of the play is their hunger for more and more power. Macbeth has just been pronounce Thane of Scotland but, that is not enough for him. He wants more power; his avaricious is the source of him willing to do anything to gain the title of king. Lady Macbeth is the same way, her avaricious to become queen becomes more powerful after she hears of the prophecy that the witch’s made of Macbeth becoming the King of Scotland. She is willing to do anything even kill the king that is their guest to meet her goal. They both prepared a plan to murder the king. The main motivated action of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth actions is their greed and, ambition to gain the title of King and Queen of Scotland. They are both evil. They both have gui

Wiggins, Grant P. “Macbethf.” Prentice Hall Literature, the British Tradition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Hall, 2010. N. pag. Print.

lt of murder. They have a lot of similar actions as well as differences that sets them apart. Their mental strength is very