Biography Of Saara Elena Leonard

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Born nine pounds and eight ounces, to two of the most prestigious lawyers in the Big Apple, Saara Elena Leonard was seen by most of her family a surprise, or “mistake,” differing in age from her oldest siblings by 16 years. From the moment she exited the womb she had a distinct, yet almost odorless scent of baby wipes and rich mahogany. Her mother, Paulina, centrally focused on career goals at that time, never let her forget this in adolescence; Lance, her father, struggling with addiction day and night as well as adulterous acts, couldn’t fathom raising another child at his age (49). Nevertheless, after careful consideration of aborting her life Saara was brought into the world with innocent beady umber brown eyes, unknowing of the trials and tribulations to come. Beauty in physical appearance would never be questioned, constantly proclaimed by those who took one glimpse as “alluring, exotic, and elegant.” Although she only stood five feet and four inches tall, her figure could put one in a trance and was one of perfect symmetry; Legs that seemingly never ended, curvaceous hips that then shrank into her surprisingly slender abdomen, exquisitely formed breasts at just thirteen years old, and a face that one could not forget if they attempted the feat. Emphasizing her features was a honey-soft, chestnut skin tone as soft as a baby’s bottom. Protruding hip and clavicle bones that stuck out like a sore thumb only exemplified her lack of body fat in all of the right places. Her lips were blush pink, soft like an overly ripe banana and lubricated like a finely tuned car engine, the temptation of constantly kissing them almost impossible to bear. Above all of this was the feature she valued most, her hair. It was of natural dark brown tone extending down to the dimples on her lower back, wavy and luscious locks coiffed to perfection no matter what the occasion. Although seen as unique among her followers her birthmark, resembling the state of Oregon, just above her right armpit tormented her. There was a gravitational aura that surrounded her, not only through beauty but also in the complex workings of her mind.
Being one of high intellect, effort was never an employed tactic during early school years in New York; coasting through classes with ease in one of the nation’s best educational systems. This is not an easy feat growing up on the Upper East Side, one of New York’s wealthiest and most prodigious sections where expectations for children are often set to the highest bar. However, constantly seeking the approval of her neglectful parents, she decided to test a theory in which bad behavior would lead to the desired attention any child seeks from those who birthed them. Unfortunately the expected result, her parents giving her love and wisdoms of the world, was not one in which anyone desires. Rather than dealing with cry for attention Pauline, having just remarried at the time and wanting to start anew, decided it best to send her daughter away at only thirteen to an experimental camp in Montana in which legitimate juvenile delinquents were sent. Stuck in a place