Essay on Charge: Laptop and Durational Time Period

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Recharge Technology became accessible in our lives but has a durational time period. We live in a century where electronics are the center points of our lives. To have something so commodious at the palm of your hands can be profoundly over taking of one’s life. We have come to believe technology is something so reliable but no matter what theres always a time limit on reliability.
Having technology is an abundance but the effects that come with it aren’t immense. A cord, which is all we need to make our lives easier. I will admit that I have been one of those people that are desperate to find a wall plug to charge their cellphone or laptop. We have become so reliable to something so meaningless and have giving the endowment to take control over us. Half of my life i have had technology and I would say it is something very reliable. I find myself on my cellphone or laptop all the time sinked into the technology. Overwhelmed with what we can find on these small devices sink us in and we find ourselves hours hooked. The battery is the main thing that keeps all theses inventions well put. Only once in a lifetime will a new invention come about to touch every aspect of our lives. Many inventions are being put to play to make it easier for out devices not to run dow low on fuel. With all these devices we have become ignorant to the life around us. Walk around a a busy place and you will see many people on their phones, laptops or tablets. When…