Charles Arthur Floyd Research Paper

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Charles Arthur Floyd was born in Bartow county, Georgia in 1904. His family moved to Oklahoma in 1911 hoping to find a way to make more money. Floyd began his criminal activities when he was eighteen by stealing from the local post office. Getting caught for the theft didn’t stop floyd and three years later he was arrested for a payroll robbery and was given a sentence of five years, but only served three before he was released on payroll. After that Floyd never wanted to spend more time in a prison, but he continued with his robberies. Even forming a partnership in Kansas city. During one of these robberies, which mostly were bank robberies, a man saw Floyd’s face and couldn’t believe how young he looked, “A mere boy- a pretty boy with apple …show more content…
Floyd and his partner Ada Richetti were the main suspects. It had all began when lawmen were escorting Frank “Jelly” Nash to a car. When the shooting started four of the six policemen were instantly killed, along with Frank Nash. The other two policemen faked death and didn’t start attacking until the shooters started to inspect the car. Before the policemen could get a good look the murderers were gone. There were three suspects, Richetti, Floyd, and a man named Miller, but Miller was found dead a few days later. The story is that Miller payed Richetti and Floyd to kill Nash, but when Miller didn’t pay the two men they killed him. Though a Kansas City citizen claimed to have seen Floyd at the shooting it was later proven to be false, but Richetti’s fingerprints were found on a bottle in Miller’s hideout. Many couldn’t believe that Floyd had been involved because it was not parallel to the other crimes that Floyd had committed. On June 30 a note appeared from Springfield, Missouri reading: “Dear Sirs- I- Charles- Floyd want it known made known that I did not participate in the massacre of officers at Kansas City. Charles