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Nick Calabrese Charles Darwin Charles Darwin was one of the best thinkers in the 1800’s. He was an English naturals renowned for his documentation of evolution and for his theory of its operation; he believed in many things and wanted people to believe what he believe in. He was famous for finding fossils that no one have ever seen or found. Charles Darwin was born at the year of February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury Shropshire, England. Was born with a wealthy family he had four brothers and sisters, when Darwin was only seven years old he work as apprentice doctor. He was working with his father helping the poor people of Shorpshire. When he was still a young boy he joined the Plinian Society and he debated about the radical materialism. Charles Darwin first discovery as a young boy was that black spores found in an oyster shells were the eggs of a skate leech. Later on Darwin went on a voyage called the voyage of the Beagle we went on December 27th of 1831 that voyage lasted for almost five years. When he was at that voyage he collecting and he was dissecting marine invertebrates, he had a bad time during the voyage because he kept getting sea sick. During his voyage to Beagle his major discovery was when he stopped at Punta Alta in Patagonia and found huge fossils of extinct mammals. On October 23 Darwin met Charles Lyell and he also met Richard Owen they got right to work Charles Lyell and Richard Owen where helping Darwin with his fossils bones that Darwin collected. The fossils that he found were ground sloths, Scelidotherium, and a Toxodon. His first paper that he wrote was about showing that the South American landmass was slowly rising and also he wrote about a bird specimen. Later on Darwin working was slowly killing him because of him working so hard his health suffered from the pressure. On September 20th he suffered from “an unconformable palpitation of the heart” his doctors said that he needs to rest from work for a few weeks. During his break he