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On February 13, 1809 Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsberry. When he was young he would often go outside and loved to collect bugs and put them in his lab that he made. His father, Robert Darwin, always hoped Charles would be a physician. Charles on the other hand, did not. He always loved nature and the thought of him becoming a physician did not appeal to him at all.
His father then suggested he become a priest. He agreed to study god and the bible so one day he could become a priest. But that's not what he did, instead he studied nature at Camridge University in 1828-1831.
There he met many people and made friends with some professors. They helped him study nature scientifically. These professors were going on a expedition to map world borders and learn more about the weather and their captain asked for a companion. The reason is the last captain committed suicide basically from boredom. The captain of the H.M.S Beagle, Robert Fitzroy, asked if the professors knew of a naturalist that might accompany them. The professors suggested Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin went with them paid for his own expenses. Even though Charles was just brought for company, the H.M.S Beagle was actually a survey ship. As the ship traveled along the coast of South America Charles longed to feel the lmd beneath his feet. Charles got very seasick. Eventually they went on to shore and found fossils. These fossils represented the animals native to that area, just much bigger! This