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Cody Caldwell Period 6 Psychology Research Paper Charles Darwin Charles Robert Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 at the Mount in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. He was named after his uncle and father. As a young boy, Charles was creative, mischievous, athletic towards other boys, and enjoyed being the center of attention. Unfortunately, when Charles was 8, his mother passed away and they buried her outside the school/church he went to which caused him to join his brother Eramus at Shrewsbury Grammar School. Charles was able to learn Greek, and Roman reading and grammar, which also caused him to be very fond of Shakespeare. Eventually, Darwin’s brother left home to study medicine. That’s when Darwin’s grades became poor, so his father took him out of Shrewsbury Grammar School and had him work with him doing his medical practice during the summer. Later that year, Darwin’s father decided that his son was going to pursue a medical career as him and his father did. So he sent Darwin to the University of Edinburgh in Scotland because it was the best medical school in all of Europe. Darwin didn’t like doing medical studies based on the fear of the sight of blood, and he thought it was boring. By the summer of 1826, Darwin had finished his first year of medical school and decided to hike near Shrewsbury. He also read a book called “The Natural History of Shrewsbury” by Rev. Gilbert White which gave him a greater appreciation of wildlife.
After summer was over, Darwin returned to school, he was by himself while his brother went to London to study anatomy. Darwin started to spend most of his time in the university museum taking notes on the plants and animals on display. He also began to attend scientific debates which were based on scientific investigation stemming from an examination of natural causes rather than divine intervention. Darwin also attended Professor Robert Jameson’s lectures on geology which was boring so he vowed never to study geology again.
Charles Darwin was just like any other college student and only wants to study in a subject that he took interest in. His father was a physician, and most people thought that that might carry over to him and he would follow in his father steps. That wasn’t the case; Darwin earned a degree from Cambridge University in theology. This too really wasn’t he found interesting to him, he loved to be more of a scientist with observing plants and animals and finding out new species (Origin 18). Darwin was only twenty-two years old when he got asked by the government to go on a ship and observe the geological and biological specimens all along the way. This adventure would last five years long and afterwards he returned back to England. After this is when he first thought of the term of evolution (Scott 29). With the research and the sightings that Darwin saw on the way he began to think that everyone evolved from one specie. He gave the example of how dogs can resemble wolves and that the cross-breaded with each other to form one. (Scott 28). Along with his observations that animals could evolve from each other he then stated that species evolve as a result of natural selection and where they could survive the best. Obviously the longer they could survive the more of them that would evolve on the Earth. Contrary to belief, Charles Darwin did not say the humans evolved from apes. He simply said that life began from a simple single-celled organism and when it kept building a