Charles Dickens and Scrooge Essay

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A Christmas Carol, written by Charles Dickens, took place in London, during Christmas time in the year of 1843. The main engagement in the story is the man against himself, as Ebenezer Scrooge, the protagonist, faced many difficulties (himself), the antagonist, with trying to become a better person. But the narrator, who is Dickens himself, is just as important in the book as the other characters. As the novel would not be interesting enough without his narration. Dickens was born in this era that didn’t have enough food to eat, drink and unfavourable conditions to work. The Victorian era was very hard and he faced those hardships so, he wants to tell the people of London and the readers about how he feels. As a narrator he is also the best method to describe scrooge as a bad man. The narrator describes the characters Scrooge as stingy, Tiny Tim as physically crippled and nephew Fred as a friendly person. Dickens reflects on the extent and impact of poverty on the society in this period. At the time of the Victorian Era the society was really poor and the people didn’t have enough money to survive and the employers pay less to their employee. Scrooge used to pay less to his worker Bob because he was stingy, mean and selfish. Scrooge is known as a cold hearted, stingy, miserly person who doesn’t like to socialize with other people, like to help poor people as he said “If they would rather die… they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population” instead of helping poor people. Scrooge is really a greedy person he doesn’t like to celebrate the Christmas as well he keeps rejecting the Christmas dinner invitation from his nephew Fred, he loves sitting in dark place well he said “Darkness is cheaper”. Scrooge is an unfriendly with the weather sharing “He carried his own low temperature always about with him”. He is always seen cold and he doesn’t like to interact with society he would stay in the dark place and in the cold room instead of spending money. Once the two portly gentleman come to ask him for money to help the poor people he said poor people should go to jail “Are there no prisons” “Are there no workhouses”. In the novella he is shown as a really covetous man who has cold heart and he is compared with the rich, mean people at the time of The Victorian Era who don’t care about other. The narrator shows the time of the Victorian Era which was difficult as the people used to face many hardships as Dickens did and was arrested for non-payment of debt and became a prisoner, in London. This influenced much of Charles’ work later in life, so he chooses the same kind of person who is as greedy as the people in London like Scrooge. He doesn’t like to do charity for other people and he wouldn’t care if someone dies. At the time of Victorian Era people used to be as same as bob’s family and children has to work, as Dickens said “He was pulled out of school and had to work in a factory for a few months”. Although his father was soon released and Charles could resume his schooling, this brief brush with poverty and menial labour had a formative influence on Dickens’. Society had a cruel government whose planning made life for the poor almost awful. Dickens reflected on